14 Glorious Dream Catcher Tattoos

Dream catcher tattoos aren’t the most original idea in the world but their meaning has mass appeal. Who wouldn’t want a charm that had the ability to filter out nightmares and only let good dreams pass through? I know if my parents would have been wise enough to present me with a dreamcatcher as a child they wouldn’t of had to change quite so many bed sheets in the middle of the night.

Colorful Dream Catcher Tattoo via OsaWahn

Sexy Dream Catcher Back Tattoo via sheeshjackie

Temporary Dream Catcher Henna Tattoo via catty01

Dream Catcher Wolf Tattoo via temporaryexistence

Dream Catching Indian Tattoo via welcometoreality

Dream Catcher Foot Tattoo via Nevermore-ink

Family Dream Catcher Tattoo via yurchan

Dream Catcher Shoulder Tattoo via rozeink

Dream Catcher Tat via xcjxedge

Dream Catcher Paw Print via Risika303

Wolf Dream Catcher via seanspoison

Dolphin Dream Catcher via WickedOne

Dream Catcher Wrist Tattoo via edocatastrophi

Giant Dream Catcher via TimeToTakeBack