14 Wonderful Corset Tattoos

I love corsets but I sure as hell would never get a corset piercing. That just looks painful. A corset tattoo on the other hand is something I could handle. In fact, I’ve put together a collection of 14 wonderful corset tattoos featuring people that have already taken the plunge.

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Corset Calf Tattoo via Thurrock Nat

Corset Body Tattoo via outsidethenorm352

Corset Body Piercing Tattoo via James Danger Tattoo

Corset Side Tattoo via Heaven N Hell

Side Corset Tattoo via Inkslinger1972

Free Hand Corset Tattoo via Vintage Karma

Corset Piercing Tatoo via Boo Boo

Corset Back Tattoo via Vince Wishart

Corset Arm Tattoo via Creativeangels

Corset Tramp Stamp via tstctc

Butterfly Corset Tattoo via Dark Twinkle

Corset Hand Tattoo via lost-b1atch

Corset Leg Tattoos via b.bel

Corset Wrist Tattoo via lost-b1atch