22 Cute and Crazy Baby Tattoos

Tattoos often have very deep meanings for the people who bear them and there is nothing that means more in life than a person’s child so it’s only natural that children would be represented in tattoos.

Our collection of 22 cute and crazy baby tattoos runs the gamut. We’ve got funny and somewhat creepy tattooed babies. No hate mail please, the ink isn’t permanent. We’ve also got tattoos of babies feet, their hands, their names, and naturally, their faces. Use the quick links below to skip ahead to the ones you are looking for, or just grow a pair and view them all.

Tattooed Babies
Baby Footprint Tattoos
Baby Handprint Tattoos
Baby Name Tattoos
Baby Portrait Tattoos

Tattooed Babies

Baby with Tattoos via InuYashaLover14

Tattooed Baby Brothers

Tattooed Baby Chillin

Tatted Baby via JellyPhotography2000

Baby Ink via msiisjesus

Tough Baby with Tattoos

Baby Footprint Tattoos

Baby Footprint Tattoo via DanielleHope

Baby Foot Tattoo via CaptainGeordie

Baby Feet Tattoo via Bumble666Bee

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Baby Handprint Tattoos

Baby Handprint Tattoo via hoviemon

Baby Hand Tattoo via Soulshadowink

Baby Prints Tattoo via johnnyjinx

Baby Hand and Name Tattoo via ryliecat

Baby Name Tattoos

Baby Name Tattoo via temporaryexistence

Baby Joshua Tattoo via temporaryexistence

Baby Name and Birth Date Tattoo via MissPaprika

Baby Name, Date and Print Tattoo via pinkminkink

Baby Portrait Tattoos

Baby Face Tattoo via arcaneserpent

Baby Tattoo via BodyModifier

Baby Portrait Tattoo via calico1225

Baby Damien Tattoo via sanne-de-haan