Beautiful Back and Cheek Dimple Piercing Pictures

Let’s face it, dimples are irresistible. I imagine that if I had dimples to compliment my devastatingly handsome features I might rule the world. Alas, some of us get short changed. The people featured in our following post however, were granted the gift of indented cuteness.

Instead of attempting world domination these dimply goddesses decided to have their best feature pierced. So without further ado please enjoy our collection of beautiful back and cheek dimple piercing pictures and never forget to smile!

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Microdermal Back Dimple Piercing via Tommy Towne

Punk Rock Dimple Piercings via lizzmfk18

Dimple Pierced Professional via tyskincry

Dimple Piercing via Deanna Wardin

Happy Dimple Piercing via kidneedles

Black and White Self Portrait via yamifan101

Cheek Dimple Piercings via Maddy Magdalene

Sexy Back Dimple Piercings via MindyMayx

Nerdy Dimple Piercing via Krline

Multiple Face Piercings via yamifan101

Holy Dimples Batman! via Keri-Kalamity

Lower Back Dimple Piercing via Heather Finley

Soft Smile Dimple Piercing via InfiniteSilenceee

Deep Dimples Pierced via MFCP

Red Limp Dimple Goddess via HellBoundAnimal

Beautiful Dimples via im-a-ballerina