Beautiful Navel (Belly Button) Piercing Pictures

I’ve always believed the stomach to be the sexiest part of the body so this belly button piercing collection was quite a joy for me to put together. The proper term is actually navel piercing but we seem to be anything but proper around here. That may be why I’ve included a number of infected belly button piercings. They are gross but not as gross as the pierced outie. See if you can find that one and try not to puke.

A decidedly non sexy part of the body can be found in our uvula piercing collection. Our collar bone piercings are worth checking out as well.

Navel Piercing via Mnk.41

Anti Navel Piercing via Uriex

Heart Navel Piercing via Fene

Infected Navel Piercing via sophiewillocq

Inverse Navel Piercing via starsnscars

Double Navel Piercing via Loucifer667

Reverse Navel Piercing via romanticideuh

Navel Pierced via Purkil

Sexy Navel Piercing via NataliRa

Navel Piercing Jewelry via Ronaaa

Infected Belly Button Piercing via kayloniiidork

Belly Button Piercing Infection via oceangonewrong

Belly Button Pierced via OhHaiiBeff

Belly Button Piercings via YazzAttack

Outie Belly Button Piercing via kaderyn

Inverse Belly Button Piercing via blackmarker

Heart Belly Button Piercing via InBeauty

Belly Button Piercing Jewellery via MeesueGata

Double Belly Button Piercing via ajwbi

Bottom Belly Button Piercing via Deanna Wardin