Certifiably Insane Tongue Splitting Pictures

I hope you a strong stomach because we are presenting our certifiably insane tongue splitting pictures. You would think a split tongue was some sort of medical emergency, something that needed to be taken care of as soon as possible. Maybe for most of us that is true but in the world of body modification nothing is too extreme.

People split their tongues to get that serpent look. When a snake throws their forked tongue at you it may give you pause and I imagine the same would happen if a person threw their forked tongue your way. But pause may give into intrigue and a curious conversation may ensue. Conversation is what we imagine after viewing this collection. Enjoy!

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Split in Tongue via Sybil Star

Tongue Splitting Gone Bad via jackshift

Split Tongue and Lip Piercings via sideshowpiercing

Split Tongue Up-Shot via Piercing by Abril

New Split Tongue via monkeybum

Split Tongue Love via chibbizero

Fresh Tongue Splitting via stray-kat

Split Tongue Barbells via primitivechile

Fresh Tongue Split via Janice Sauce

Split Tongue Procedure via edgewalker81

Split Tongue Up Close via yukikore

Dynamic Split Tongue via primitivechile

Black and White Tongue Split via acidcrue

Finished Tongue Split via My Online Photos