Fashionable Wrist and Ankle Bracelet Tattoos

Ink yourself some permanent jewelry that will never dull or lose it’s luster. Bracelet tattoos are the ultimate low maintenance jewelry. However, I can’t promise that your bracelet tattoo will always be in style.

Our collection contains many types of ankle bracelet tattoos and wrist tattoos that will intrigue your mind and expand your vision of what was previously possible. Ok, that may be an exaggeration but we worked hard on this damn it!

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Tribal Ankle Rosary Tattoo via Fact Tattoo

Wavy Bracelet Tattoo via enhabiten

New Ankle Bracelet Tattoo via Selkie

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo via Independent Tattoo

Charm Anklet Tattoo via debbiescraftmad

Anklet Tattoo via Joanne G

Charm Bracelet Tattoo

Skull Bracelet Tattoo on Wrist via ampersandduck

Wristband Tattoo via David Joshua

Cross Ankle Bracelet Tattoo via tattooedwife

Tribal Bracelet Tattoo

Wire Wristband Tattoo

Arm Bracelet Tattoo via fleckpotte

Bracelet Tattoo for Women

Fun Anklet Tattoo