Free Bee Clip Art from the Public Domain

Please enjoy our collection of 20 free bee clip art images from the public domain. We’ve got bumble bees, honey bees, hives, honey combs, and honey jars so there should be something here for everyone.

Bumble Bee Clip Art

Flat Bumble Bee Clip Art

Cartoon Bumble Bee Clip Art

Happy Bumble Bee Clip Art

Honey Bee Clip Art

Happy Honey Bee Clip Art

Cute Honey Bee Clip Art

Honey Bee and Flowers Clip Art

Nervous Bee Clip Art

Psycho Bee

Big Nose Bee

Small Bee

Fat Bee

Friendly Bee

Bee Hive Clip Art

Honey Comb Clip Art

Active Honey Comb Clip Art

Honey Jar Clip Art

Bees Around Honey Pot