Free Elephant Clip Art to Never Forget

Elephants never forget and you should never forget free elephant clip art. We’ve got baby elephants, cartoon elephants, classic elephant images and more. These big beasts are truly lovable and one of the most popular exhibits at zoos. So surely people will love them on your designs.

On a side note, I’ve always wanted to ride an elephant. I saw Harrison Ford ride one in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Ever since then it has been a dream of mine. Of course, not too long after the elephant ride Indiana Jones had an evil priest try to rip out his heart.

Maybe lion clip art would be safer.

Elephant Clip Art

Green Elephant Silhouette Clip Art

Amateur Drawing of an Elephant Clip Art

Blue Cartoon Elephant Clip Art

Extremely Large Elephant Clip Art

Climbing Elephant Clip Art

Elephant and Mouse Clip Art

Yellow Elephant with Castle Clip Art

Cartoon Elephant Face Clip Art

Sitting Elephant Clip Art

Elephant Outline Clip Art

Elephant Standing on Hind Legs Clip Art

Drawing of an Elephant Clip Art

Baby Elephant Clip Art

Fat Elephant Clip Art

Striped Elephant Image Clip Art

Elephant with Tusks Clip Art

Elephant on a Grassy Plain Clip Art

Elephant Silhouette Clip Art

Blue Elephant Clip Art