Free Happy Birthday Clip Art Images

Happy birthday to you or your loved ones! Here is a collection of free happy birthday clip art as my gift to you. It’s ok if you open them all at once! The bonus is that all of these images reside in the public domain so they are totally free and you can do with them as you wish. You can even re-gift them!

This collection of 18 images includes birthday cake clip art, party hats, birthday balloons, and even a birthday dog. So decorate whatever you desire and I hope this is the best birthday ever!

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Birthday Cake and Candle Clip Art

Birthday Cake Clip Art

Birthday Balloons Clip Art

Birthday Balloon Clip Art

Birthday Present Clip Art

Birthday Cupcake Clip Art

Happy Birthday Clip Art

Happy Birthday Heart Clip Art

Birthday Hat Clip Art

Festive Birthday Cake Clip Art

Pink Birthday Cake Clip Art

Birthday Gift Clip Art

Birthday Party Balloons Clip Art

Happy Birthday Cake Clip Art

Party Hat Clip Art

Big Birthday Cake Clip Art

Birthday Dog Clip Art

Chocolate Cake Clip Art