Free Rooster and Chicken Clip Art from the Farm

Hello animal lovers. Please enjoy our free chicken and rooster clip art. We promise that all of these images are free range and raised without antibiotics. The best thing about rooster clip art is that it can’t wake you up at 5 in the morning with incessant crowing. The best thing about chicken clip art is it doesn’t run around for 5 minutes after it’s heads been cut off.

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Grey Chicken Clip Art

Round Cartoon Chicken Clip Art

Baby Chicken Clip Art

Chicken and Potatoes Clip Art

Cartoon Chicken Clip Art

Jumping Rooster Clip Art

Rooster Wearing a Saddle

Rooster and Chicken Clip Art

Pecking Hen and Rooster Clip Art

Perching Rooster Clip Art

Prairie Chicken Clip Art

Hen with her Chickens Clip Art

Green Cartoon Rooster Clip Art

Three Chickens

Sick Chicken in Bed

Baby Chicken Outline

Rooster on Wall Saying Cock A Doodle Doo Clip Art

Chicken in a Basket Clip Art

Silhouette of a Rooster Clip Art

Chicken and Chicks Clip Art