Get Lucky with Free Shamrock Clip Art

There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, just free shamrock clip art. I remember looking through clover fields as a kid hoping to find that elusive four leaf clover. This collection makes life much easier, there is a four leaf clover around every corner. And if it happens to be St. Patrick’s then maybe you’ve found a pot of gold after all.

This collection makes me so happy I want get down with dance clip art.

Two Toned Shamrock Clip Art

Shamrock with a Beer

Bottle with Shamrocks Clip Art

Black Shamrock Clip Art

St. Patrick’s Day Sign with Shamrocks Clip Art

Hat and Shamrocks

Four Leaf Clover with Stalk Clip Art

Four Leaf Clover with Green Border

Four Leaf Clover Outline Clip Art

White Celtic Shamrock Clip Art

Two Celtic Shamrocks

Blue Celtic Shamrock Clip Art

Black Celtic Shamrock Clip Art

Lucky Charm Amulet with Shamrock Clip Art

Celtic Shamrock Clip Art

Leprechaun in a Green Hat with Shamrock

Green Hat with Shamrock Clip Art

Mouse Playing with Shamrocks Clip Art

Pipes and Shamrock Clip Art

Four Leaf Clover Clip Art