Happy Frowny and Smiley Piercing Pictures

Turn that frown upside down with our fronwy and smiley piercing pictures. A frowny piercing goes through the webbing in the center of the lower lip and a smiley piercing goes through the webbing in the center of the upper lip. You see one when you smile and one when you frown. Get it?

Keep in mind that any time you have metal rubbing against tooth enamel, as is the potential with these piercings, you have the possibility of permanently damaging your teeth. That would give anyone a permanent frown. :(

Piercings you might enjoy that are far away from tooth enamel include our hip piercings and our finger piercings.

Smiley Piercing via jessiehutchings

Up-Close Smiley Piercing via Momo

Septum and Smiley Piercings via zombieerose

Long Bar Smiley Piercing via Axel Piercer

Upper Lip Smiley Piercing via adrianaskm

My Smiley Piercing via Stephanie Pejskar

Smiley Piercing Kiss via Charcoal Sheep

Fresh Smiley Piercing via Heaven N Hell

Frowny Piercing via RainbowVomit

Lower Lip Frowny Piercing via amberreneenew

Pierced Frowny via SyrupTiger

Check My Frowny Piercing via sheale

I Love Frowny Piercing via DreamAway

Lucious Frowny Piercing via amberreneenew

Smiley and Frowny Piercings via Kanila