Horrifying yet Beautiful Scarification Tattoos

I have to admit, when I first started looking through scarification pictures I was a bit horrified. Seeing bright red, bleeding designs freshly cut into the body takes a minute to digest. But once I accepted the process in my mind I was able to see the beauty in the designs.

Scarification, sometimes referred to as scar tattoos or body branding, involves cutting or burning designs into the skin that will heal into permanent scars. This type of body modification dates back centuries and was historically used in rituals to represent tribal affiliation, major life events, etc.  It’s still used in many African tribes and among the disaffected youth of modern society.

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Dots Body Branding via Dustin Robbins

Peace Scarification Tattoo via sillyg00sy

Body Modification Scarification via DeadlyGrl

Fresh Scarification Branding via FindChaos

Tribal Scarification via rpbodyart

Big Body Scarification via mange

Scarification Process via ByttenByaViper

Body Branding Process via nesvoboda

New Scar Tattoo via Rockahula

Celtic Lion Scar Tattoo via Prophet18750

Amazing Scar Tattoo via crm-bodymod-poland

African Scarification via Eric Lafforgue

Healed Scarification via ronnyreportage

African Ritual Scarification via kalongomara

Star Scar Tattoo via DustinRobbins