Surface Piercing Pictures that will Get Under Your Skin

Today we are going to get under your skin with 15 surface piercings. We’ve got them all over the body. The hip, stomach, face, hands, and more. A surface piercing is any piercing that is placed just below the surface of the skin. Who knew right? Basically they don’t pierce cartilage or a complete chunk of body tissue like a lip, ear or through the nose. They do have a tendency for rejection because the body identifies them as foreign and will try to push them to the surface and eventually completely out of the body.

More piercing fun can be had with our face piercings or our nose piercings.

Finger Surface Piercing via Magic Bubbles

Hip Surface Piercings via RosaSchaf

Cleavage Surface Piercing via xoxomassacre

Stomach Surface Piercings via MissMurder

Throat Surface Piercing via fooyth

Wrist Surface Piercing via Jewskerz

Star Surface Piercings via mypetsally

Hand Surface Piercing via Kastrosama

Surface Piercing Session via Lady-of-Slaughter

Surface Barbell Piercing via Southside Tattoo

Surface Piercings on Face via Piercing Berlin

Surface Piercing Jewelry via 7ess Green

Surface Anchor by Eye via Loucifer667

Crazy Surface Piercing Session via Lady-of-Slaughter

Lower Back Surface Piercing via iSqueex