Wonderful Tramp Stamp (Lower Back) Tattoos

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like the tramp stamp/lower back tattoo has become the most popular tattoo in the world. At least among women, although I have seen some men brave enough to sport them. Or perhaps they just lost a bet.

As far as the female lower back tattoo is concerned, I’m a big fan. It’s like hanging a painting on the wall, it really draws the eye. I’m especially fond of tramp stamp tattoos that get a little creative, like the 7 horse one we have included in this post.

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Dragonfly Tramp Stamp Tattoo via dragonflydebi

Butterfly Tramp Stamp Tattoo via stigmata1967

Tribal Tramp Stamp Tattoo via Yin Tattoo Designs

Tribal Lower Back Tattoo via chissy_rose

Butterfly Lower Back Tattoo via Sacred Heart Tattoo

Unique Lower Back Tattoo via marcoverguardtattoo

Bright Lower Back Tattoo Design via artsdevotion

Lower Back Wings Tattoo via kadyr07

Butterfly Tramp Stamp Tattoo Design via lluvdbush

Heart Lower Back Tattoo via jwilliams0523

Mudkip Lower Back Tattoo via oiseauarcenciel

Mario Lower Back Tattoo via PurplePeach87

Amazing Phoenix Lower Back Tattoo via thaila19

Tribal Ruby Tramp Stamp via Tarotshama

7 Horse Lower Back Tattoo via NEFFDesign

Skull and Rose Tramp Stamp via UndamedWolf

Hummingbird Lower Back Tattoo via TheLioness24